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About Gulf Express Travels & Tours LLC
Gulf Express Travels & Tours LLC is one of the oldest and most reputed IATA approved Travel agency in Abu Dhabi. The company is a 100% owned by a U.A.E. National Mr. Hilal Saeed Bin Hilal Al Dhaheri. With a small beginning in 1968, our company grew and expanded rapidly to its current size and operations; having an annual turnover of approximately 50 Millions. The Agency was granted the IATA approval on 10th November 1972 with retroactive date being 2nd august 1971. Gulf Express currently hold ticket stock of 80 important Airlines and cater to all segments of the market. The company boasts of 25 highly skilled and experienced personnel in the field of travel.
Our Strength Lies In
Strong airline- agency relations
Product knowledge
Client servicing
Operation flexibility
Tie up with tour operators and hotels, world wide.
Some Of Our Major Clients Include
Adnoc, ccc group, abu dhabi investment authority, ministry of health,deutsche babcock, al husam group. Al nasser group of companies, polycon gulf, giffin traffiks, dhabi group, alpha data,saybolt, al ahila group of companies,raseen technologies,technical parts, universal group of companies, uni arab engeering & oil field services and many more.
Quality certification
Iata approval is only granted to travel agent who fulfils the basic requirements as laid down by iata and varified by the iata investigation panel.
Quality Plan
To obtain customer satisfaction, loyality and highretention levels through differentiated service by onstantly delivering higher – quality than competitors.
To attain our objective, we at Gulf Express Travels & Tours LLC have set ourselves a few well-defined goals.

Tehchnical Quality

Our teams of experience sales officers have all been provided with individual terminals of Galileo, Amadeus & Sabre reservation systems. This helps in providing the customers with: Reliable information instant confirmation of flights, updates airfares and other ticketing aspects. As a backup each sales officer maintains his own folder of ever changing market fares, complete details of all special offers available, Car hires , hotel rates and availability along with various packages that are being offered by different airlines.

Sales officers are regularly sent for Air Training programs, seminars and educational trip to enhance their product know- how to stay ahead in this fiercely competitive environment.

Functional Quality

As a reputed organization we clearly understand that a client judges  service quality not only by its technical quality but also by its functional quality. A constant monitoring of every client is done from the time he calls or enters the office till he leaves for his travel and does not require further monitoring  unless otherwise necessary.  To provide the highest standards in functional quality we prioritize the following:

Accessibility by Telephone

3 Direct Nos. 7lines on the exchange and 20 extensions have been installed for the purpose. It is specially taken care that calls held are for no more than a few seconds to avoid any developed traffic.

Friendliness Of Treatment

Most of existing clients have had long -term association with Gulf Express and are loyal customers.  Building  a strong and long -term relationship is the basis for any service firm to do successful business.

Speed of Treatment

Any kind of developed traffic in work internally of externally is taken care of and well handled through systematic and organized work flow.


All Reservations are made with proper entries of client requirements like seat preference and meals.  All out bounds flight are reconfirmed and wherever possible the return flights are also reconfirmed.


To obtain seat confirmations for waitlisted passengers particularly during peak periods, we at Gulf Express use our best influence and good relationship with the Airlines to ensure get maximum seats for our clients.

Quality of Service

Queue's in the system are cleared by the Sales Manager twice a day and he ensures that the customers are advised of any change in flight schedules, cancellations and confirmations.  A regular follow up is done with the airlines for clearing the wait -listed passengers.

Customer Care

Customers can approach any of the sales officers and all managers at any time of the day or night for help during situational discrepancies and emergencies. (Direct telephone nos. for office, mobiles and residence of our Sales Staff will be provided)


Helped by the PRO, our chief Accountant looks after the Administration and directly reports to the General Manager.  This allows the Sales Force to completely concentrate on providing efficient service to our valued customers.

Complaint Handling

We welcome complaints.  Our Sales Manager investigates all complaints and follows up with the Airlines for claims or damages arising out of flight delays or cancellations and loss of baggage.

Gulf Express Travels & Tours LLC is constantly striving towards providing reliability, Responsiveness, assurance and empathy to its clients.  The Agency looks deeply Into reducing the gaps between:

  • Consumer expectation and management perception
  • Management perception and service-quality specification
  • Service quality specifications and service delivery
  • Service delivery and external communications
  • Perceived service and expected service.